Wings of Hope History

The concept of Wings of Hope began in October 1987 as a monthly cancer support group. A group of people who had been affected by cancer met to discuss issues concerning living with cancer. They began to learn from each other, ways to improve their quality of life. It became apparent that many people shared this need to express their emotions in a group or individual setting.

In 1994, a steering committee was formed to explore expansion of the Wings of Hope concept, to provide more comprehensive services for people with cancer as well as their family members. Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center was independently established as a non-profit organization in September 1994. Our goal is to provide emotional support and guidance for people, family members, and health professionals as they move forward in their cancer experience.

In the past several years, Wings of Hope has expanded their support services to better meet the changing face of cancer. Some of our newer programs include: counseling services for individuals and families; the Hope Chest Renewal Room, a comfortable room where patients can browse cancer literature, pick out a wig, or just chat with staff; and the HOPE Program, a financial assistance program that can assist patients with prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as gas vouchers.

All services and programs provided by Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center are offered free of charge to cancer survivors and their families.

Wings of Hope Brochure outlines our many programs and services. Please take a moment to read our brochure and learn more about us.


Wings of Hope 2016 Contacts

In 2016 Wings of Hope made contacts with cancer patients, survivors, family members and the community.

These services were provided to persons diagnosed with over 36 different types of cancers;

  • 64 Transportation vouchers

  • 253 counseling sessions

  • Assistance with medication, supplements, and equipment cost for over 60 survivors.

  • 134 contacts through support groups

  • 155 survivor bags were distributed to newly diagnosed cancer patients. 37 wigs, 118 hats, numerous blankets, relaxation cd's, & 17 seat belt covers were given out.

  • 40 contacts at a relaxing "spa day" experience

  • 326 plus Hope Containers for patients.

  • 151+ contacts through after cancer treatment education programs.153 Healing Touch treatments for survivors and their caregivers.

  • 110 attendees at the October Breast Cancer Awareness Event.

  • Support was also provided to caregivers and those who were grieving the loss of a loved one.

HOPE FOR THE JOURNEY: Enhancing Healing During the Treatment.

DocumentTo assist you during the journey of cancer and treatment.
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With a cancer diagnosis comes an explosion of information and strong feelings. Wings of Hope offers the Hope Chest Renewal Room as a place to help you with the initial challenges of treatment. We have survivor bags, wigs/hats, cancer resources, uplifting HOPE jars, and counseling services.

HOPE Financial Assistance PROGRAM: The cost of treatment can be overwhelming. Wings of Hope provides vouchers to assist qualified patients with symptom management medications, nutritional supplements, transportation assistance, and home medical equipment.

Integrative Medicine complements medical treatment and focuses on the mind, body, and spirit to optimize health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes. Healing Touch therapy and Guided Imagery are available to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Support Groups:
Under the guidance of a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, Wings of Hope offers 3 support groups: Hope for Tomorrow for people diagnosed with any type of cancer, Young Women's Breast Cancer Support Group addressing the needs of younger women, and Healthy Moves which provides movement exercises for female patients/survivors.

COUNSELING SERVICES: Counseling services assist patients to process the strong feelings and grief that a cancer diagnosis and treatment my bring. A variety of tools are available to improve coping skills and personal healing.

THRIVING AFTER CANCER: Living your best life after treatment ends.

DocumentTo assist you in thriving after cancer.
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After the treatment ends, many patients ask "What now?" Wings of Hope can help cancer survivors process the emotional challenges the cancer journey has brought, and explore how to use the experience as a stepping stone to a satisfying and fulfilling future. Individual coaching and group workshops available.

A TIME TO HEAL Rehabilitation Program:
The twelve-week program is available to men and women diagnosed with any type of cancer, who have completed their initial cancer treatment. The classes are designed to help survivors regain physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual health after treatment-making sense of life after cancer.

Under the guidance of an occupational therapist, this women's support and movement group features strengthening, balance and flexibility exercise, combined with light to moderate movement.

Counseling and coaching services assist the survivor to acknowledge the powerful life changes that have occurred, provide tools that assist in healing, and support the individual's choices for the future.

Healing Touch Services

DocumentHealing Touch
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Wings of Hope is pleased to offer Healing Touch Services. Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that utilizes gentle touch to assist in balancing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being of clients. It works with the individuals energy field to support his/her natural ability to heal. Clients can make appointments by calling 712-325-8970 or click on the link below for more information.

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