Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center

Sharing the Journey.


We provide 

support and guidance for those with cancer at all stages of their illness, and help families and friends cope with cancer in their lives.


We serve

patients, survivors, and caregivers in Omaha metro and Southwest Iowa, free of charge. 


Beginning the Journey

The Wings’ Hope Chest Renewal Room provides survivor bags, wigs, hats, and cancer information/resources. Counseling provided by a Master’s prepared, licensed mental health provider can address common issues such as depression, anxiety, changes in body image, and fear of recurrence. Our cancer lending library includes books, DVDs, periodicals, or CDs to help you through the challenges of cancer.


During Treatment

We have financial assistance for various costs you'll run into. We also offer short-term therapeutic counseling services. Professionally facilitated cancer support groups seek to enhance wellness and healing through practical information and genuine support. Integrative medicine complements medical treatment and focuses on the mind, body, and spirit to optimize health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes. The integrative medicine components of Healing Touch therapy and mindfulness practices are available to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


After Treatment

In addition to counseling, and support groups for when your treatments end, we offer survivorship care planning education workshops for cancer survivors to create their personalized plans for the future. A Time to Heal, a twelve-week holistic rehabilitation program, is designed to help survivors make sense of life after cancer. Our Women’s Cancer Survivor Support and Movement Group (Healthy Moves) features strengthening, balance, and flexibility exercise combined with light to moderate movement through the practice of Tai Chi. Plus, each spring, we offer a special day of pampering to cancer survivors at our spa day.


For Caretakers

We are provide quality continuing education programs for professional and family caregivers to reduce compassion fatigue and increase positive self-care. Our quarterly newsletter provides up-to-date cancer information and Wings’ program information. 


Hope strengthens,

Wings protect.

We offer a variety of support groups and classes that meet each month, each designed to educate, uplift, and enliven.  Find one that fits into your journey.